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Pipe insulation

Petro Vam supplies Rockwool Pipe Section Mat (PSM). It consists of Rockwool Rigid Slab having grooves factory machined in one face to specifically suit large pipe diameters. The distances between the grooves are calculated to ensure that PSM closely fits the pipe or vessel. PSM is designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of large diameter pipes, ducts, chimneys and small vessels and is ideal for use where space is limited. Pipe Section Mat is supplied with a factory bonded glass fibre reinforcing mesh on the outer face. Fire duct PSM is available to special order for fire protection of circular ductwork

Thermal and acoustic insulation for large diameter applications


• Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for very large diameter pipes
• Easy to handle and install due to flat-pack supply
• High temperature use
• High compressive strength

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Pipe insulationPipe insulationPipe insulationPipe insulation