A Rockfon ceiling contributes actively to the health, safety, durability and environmental wellbeing of interior spaces while optimising the effective use of both daylight and artificial light sources.


Fire performance

To contribute to the prevention of the devastating effects of fires, two European regulations apply to construction materials: Reaction to fire and fire resistance.


Humidity resistance

Humidity can weaken the structure of certain ceiling tiles, which then start to lose their shape. CE marking has implemented a measurement method where the deflection of ceiling tiles is measured.


Indoor environment

Humidity can promote the development of microorganisms and cause health problems. Dust particles can also impact on the health of people and be critical in special industries.


Thermal insulation

Whenever a suspended ceiling or a wall absorber is used under a roof or an external wall, thermal insulation is a relevant issue. It can also be important in rooms with a deep plenum over a suspended ceiling.


Light reflection

The light reflecting capacity of a ceiling not only reduces electricity bills but also improves the quality of lighting conditions.


Impact resistance

In schools and sports halls, the impact resistance of construction materials is an important matter.

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