Gypsum boards

Gypsum board is an interior wall and ceiling lining material.  It consists of a non-combustible core, gypsum in particular, and paper facing back and front.  The popularity of gypsum board becomes the reasons but mostly because it can be effective suit to the modern construction design, requiring beauty, quick and economic installation and safety.

Life Safety Protection
Fire resistance is inherent in the gypsum construction selected.  The systems provide permanent fire resistance not subject to loss of water pressure or other malfunctions and problems which may occur in sprinkler systems.

Fire Resistance
Gypsum will not support combustion.  When attacked by fire, crystallized water in gypsum is released and turns to steam to help retard the spread of flame and heat and protect adjacent constructions.

Light Weight
Gypsum board constructions weigh appreciably less than masonry assemblies of the same thickness.  They reduce material - handling expense and may permit the use of lighter structural members, floors, and footings.

Sound Control
Gypsum board construction offers excellent resistance to airborne and impact sound transmission without excessive bulk or weight.  Resilient attachment of gypsum panels or bases further improves sound ratings, makes partitions ideally suited for party walls.

Gypsum board construction is suitable as divider, corridor and party walls; pipe chase and shaft enclosures; radiant-heat ceilings; exterior walls and wall furring; membrane fire resistant constructions.  Adaptable for use in every type of new construction - commercial, institutional, industrial and residential - and in remodeling.  It produces attractive joint - free walls and ceilings; easily adapt to most contours, modules and dimensions.

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