Clinker lining

A thermal insulation composite system is a special form of heat insulation for building facades. The actual heat insulation consists of mineral rock wool or polystyrene slabs whereon a reinforcement fabric and gluten is applied. The insulating material is fixed with screw dowels. Plaster or clinker closers can now be affixed.

Heat Insulating Clinker
This system shows essential improvements, compared to the usual facade renovation through plaster or full brick clinker.
The Heat Insulating Clinker System is highly heat insulating and saves up to 60% of energy costs, depending on model and consistence as well as on the heat insulation capacity of the basic fabric.
An averaged one-family household can reduce its consumption of heating oil up to 1500 liters per year.
Another difference is the easy assembling due to the modular grid system. The clinker closers are applied on precast block-out. Special corner clinker closers generate the appearance of full brick.

The Heat Insulating Clinker System...

...reduces your heat costs up to 60% ecoligically friendly due to the consumption of less heat energy
...increases the value of your property processed without footing completely maintenance-free easy to assemble especially appropriate both old and new buildings, and for prefabricated houses

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