Board Ceiling tiles that lay on a modular exposed ceiling grid T15mm and T24mm.

They are produced of aluminium or steel in a wide range of colours.
Available plain or perforated are suitable for any application.
Advantages of LAY-ON ceiling tiles.
•    Easily assembled.
•    Offer sound absorption.
•    Humidity resistanse.
•    Allow access to any point of the ceiling.
•    Easily cleaned.
•    Great range of colors.

Linear ceilings,  Luxal & Luxal Force  of STAMPA,  are produced of aluminum thickness 0,45- 05mm. In 100 and 150mm width, are available in any length in a great range of colors.

In case where extra strength is required, STAMPA offers the solution with Luxal force.
Perforated strips are also available, which with the use of acoustic fleece, offer sound Reduction.
Advantages of Linear strip ceilings
•    Easy installation, even in very small areas.
•    Acoustical efficiency.
•    Humidity resistance.
•    Easy access to area above.
•    Great range of colors.










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